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мини IP АТС arrow OpenVox IPPBX X130 Телефонная станция
OpenVox IPPBX X120 Телефонная станцияOpenVox SP140 сплиттер

OpenVox IPPBX X130 Телефонная станция

OpenVox IPPBX X130 Телефонная станция


Product Spotlight

IX130 is an open source asterisk-based complete IPPBX solution for SMB. With affordable price, users may easily setup their customized IPPBX.

  • 1U Size with Rack/Wall Mountable Design
  • Modular Design for Telephony Cards Connection
  • Intel Atom Z510P 1.1GHz /Z530P 1.6GHz
  • Optional Pre-Loaded Open Source IPPBX System
  • Combination of analog, BRI, PRI, GSM or transcoding interfaces
  • Available for OEM
  • Overview

    OpenVox IX130 is a standard 19” 1U appliance. It allows users to integrate up to 2 pieces of OpenVox PCI-E telephony interface cards, with any combinations of analog, BRI, PRI, GSM or transcoding interfaces. The optional HDD case provides the possibility for hot plug function to the storage device. Thus users can simply replace a backup HDD whenever needed without opening the appliance. What’s more, the IX130 provides two flexible ways of power supply: internal and external and it’s up to you to select one of them to power up the IX130.

    The IX130 supports comprehensive protocol processing, including SIP, H.323 protocols in IP side and BRI, PRI, SS7, GSM and some protocols transcoding in CPE. Taking the full advantages of open source platform, the IX130 will be preloaded with Elastix®, PBX in a FlashTM or trixbox® IPPBX software.

    Technical Specifications:
  • CPU: Intel Atom Z510P 1.1GHz /Z530P 1.6GHz
  • 512 KB L2 cache, 24K data, 32K instruction
  • DRAM: 1 GB SDRAM, 64 bit wide for high memory bandwidth
  • HDD: 320GB
  • 2 USB 2.0 Ports
  • 3 Ethernet channels (1000Mbps speed)
  • 2 PCIe sockets for voice cards and other expansion
  • 8 Mbit flash for AMI BIOS
  • Wide voltage range: 7 to 20V (absolute) DC supply through DC jack
  • 1 serial port (DB9 male) for debug usage
  • Header for LPC bus (use for flash recovery or I/O expansion)
  • Low EMI Emission level and high Electro Magnetic Susceptibility
  • Rack/Wall Mountable
  • Firmware: AMI BIOS
  • Dimension: 44cm × 4.5cm × 30cm
  • Weight: 5200g (not include voice cards)
  • Software & Platform:

    Elastix®, trixbox®, PBX in a flash

    OpenVox Telephony Cards Options:
  • A400E
  • A810E(with optional hardware echo canceller)
  • A1610E(with optional hardware echo canceller)
  • B100E
  • B200E(with optional hardware echo canceller )
  • B400E(with optional hardware echo canceller)
  • D130E(with optional hardware echo canceller)
  • G400E
  • V100
  • *Only one A1610E can be installed in IX130. For other configuration, please contact our sales manager for assistance. Two Year Warranty

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